During the week we have many CONNECT GROUPS meeting in various places and times.

We have 11 groups operating in our church. We have a variety of groups catering to different wants and needs within our church which aligns perfectly with the vision of connect for City Central Church. A number of our groups have strong involvement from people outside our church, which is awesome to see, and again, aligning with the vision.

The latest data shows that 50% of our church are in a connect group.

This is exciting because that not only means that half our church place a priority on connecting and building relationship with others, but it also allows room for growth, to see more of our church involved in, running or attending a connect group.

Our connect group leaders are self-appointed leaders in our church, giving up their home (in some cases), time and effort to listen, to pray with, to encourage, to stand beside, and to call others family each time they meet. A big thank you to our Connect group leaders!

I’m excited for Connect 2018, to see what God does within our groups, and the groups that are yet to come.     


Check Out Some Of Our Connect Groups