Who is CITYKids

At the moment, all people attending City Central Church have to Check-In using QR-Codes, etc at the entrance of the building.
CITYKids, during our 10:00, am service will be required to Check-In / Check-Out using QR-Codes as a part of our Duty of Care. Only parents or guardians to Check-In / Check-Out.  

We have various children’s groups catering for children from age One through to High School.

TASK FORCE  (high school ages)
After check-in at reception, children go into the auditorium and then leave after communion to go upstairs to the Prayer Room via the internal staircase in the auditorium.  They will be Checked-Out a the foot of the stairs after the service.

IGNITE  (kinder to year 6)
After check-in at reception, CITYKids Ignite will go directly upstairs to the CITY Kids’ room.
At the end of the service, parents/guardians are asked to Check-Out their children upstairs.

DAWN BREAKERS & BRIGHT SPARKS  (1 to pre-primary school ages)
Children are Check-In and Checked-Out at the Pre-School Room.